Decades of research by experts (scientists, dietitians, workout-ists) show that optimal fat loss requires a "sweet spot" of food and fitness. We take the guesswork out of what to eat and how to workout to get lean and stay lean.

Fresh, Chef-Crafted,
Ready to Eat
  • Dishes crafted by an industry-leading dietitian & a James Beard-nominated chef
  • Customized calorie levels balanced to your body based on individual goals
  • No cooking. No measuring. No guessing.
  • Workout only 20 minutes 2x/week for maximum results
  • One 20-minute workout = 50 minutes of strength training + 30 minutes of cardio
  • By appointment with onsite trainers

Utopia is a place where food AND fitness come together to help you get fit and stay fit

We hired a brilliant dietitian and an award-winning chef to create delicious, fresh, natural meals. Then we found a way to burn fat and restore lean muscle that only takes twenty minutes, twice a week.

Sally is a full-time mom AND a full-time professional

“I had lost my sense of self, and I was taking care of everyone else after becoming a mom. Utopia was my reset button. At Utopia, I got myself back, I got my body back, I got my energy back, and it helped me tackle everything I was facing every day as a new mom. You have so much more energy. It’s pretty addicting!

I lost so many inches all over my body and I was able to get back into old clothes no problem. It’s just so easy. I can workout 20 minutes twice a week, grab my food and go. It’s perfect for crazy-busy people like me.”

Leah is a busy mom who got back into jeans from High School

“I was able to fit into a pair of jeans that I kept that I hadn’t worn since I was in high school, and this was after having a child.

I get better results working out 20 minutes a day than I did when I was doing triathlons. At Utopia, I learned that you didn’t have to work out for 3-5 hours a day to get great results. I also learned how to eat the right way. I love the food because I don’t have to worry about cooking. I ate food that I hadn’t eaten in years, and I still lost weight. It was amazing!”
the Science
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Moderately Reduced Calorie Intake
We determine your ideal caloric intake for maximum results, based on 17 factors.
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Meals Based on Fact. Not Fad.
You eat balanced meals comprised of protein, fat, and complex carbs-yes, carbs! Complex carbs are essential, as they are the body's preferred source of consistent energy.
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Train on Medical-Grade Equipment
Utopia's machines engage your muscles through the entire range of motion, working each muscle group more efficiently and effectively than standard equipment for a total body workout that's easy on joints.
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When your muscles reach their limit during our workouts, the body responds by burning fat.
Your metabolism is increased in 4 different ways for 2-4 days following each workout.
After only 4 weeks, I was wearing shorts I haven't been able to wear for years!
The meals are so good that I feel like I'm cheating.
I don't know why everyone isn't doing this!
This is the easiest thing I've ever done!
Twenty minutes, twice a week. I can handle that.
Utopia got me off all my medications in only 10 weeks.
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James Beard Foundation
Utopia's Chef Mike Smith has been nominated for the prestigious James Beard Award
Best D Magazine
Named Best Fitness Program by D Magazine
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Utopia's program is being studied by UT Southwestern as a new standard in nutrition and fitness