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Area Women Men
Fat Loss -10.4 lbs
(18.7% of body fat)
-14.6 lbs
(24.7% of body fat)
Waist -2.5" -3.1"
Thighs -1.5" -1.2"
Hips -1.9" -1.4"
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Meet Sally
She lost her baby weight in 4 hours. Read about it on Dallas Mom's Blog
75 lbs.
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Meet Ashley
She lost 75 lbs. and 73 inches
lost 38% fat
and 28 in.
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Meet Lauren
She lost 38% of her body fat and 28 inches in 6 weeks leading up to her wedding
The program was so simple to stick with; all my ‘mommy lifestyle’ excuses were gone.
I have my energy back, which is crucial for me to be the mom, wife, and woman I want to be.
Utopia guided me through what I thought wasn’t even possible
I didn’t have a goal weight in mind—I just wanted to walk down the aisle toward my husband-to-be feeling beautiful and confident.

As a busy mom of a two-year-old and a two-month old, I was so focused on the kids that I had stopped taking care of myself. By the time I would feel hungry, I was just gulping down another coffee to tide me over until I could hit a drive- thru because I didn’t have time to cook nutritious meals. I was, in a word, exhausted.

I found Utopia when I was looking for a place that could provide healthy, pre-made meals, but they gave me so much more than that. When I learned about their 20-minute workouts just twice per week, I thought to myself “I can do that, even with my nonstop schedule.” I convinced my husband to join me on the 6-week regimen of food and fitness, and I can honestly say that it changed our lives. Not only do I look better, but I feel so much better. I have my energy back, which is crucial for me to be the mom, wife, and woman I want to be. And it only took 4 hours—20 minutes, twice per week, for six weeks.

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